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Aiuto is Italian for 'Help'.  Our whole philosophy is based around providing you with Business Support at the very highest level.  We are a co-operative of successful Automotive Industry professionals who have the experience, standards, commitment and contacts to ensure that you succeed. 

Our specialisation is turnaround work where we analyse every aspect of a business, make recommendations for change, assist with the implementation, ensure that the results are achieved and monitor the business on an ongoing basis. 

This work includes looking at the operation of every department to ensure that there is sufficient focus on and knowledge of day to day profitability.  We will ensure that all the line managers are of the right calibre to do the job and that they are fully accountable for their result.  We will provide the systems, processes, guidance and training to make sure that they deliver what is expected of them. 

Alongside this work we look more strategically at the business to determine whether it has the right franchises and services and is set up to achieve optimum return on investment both in terms of the dealer and the franchise.

As a matter of course we do a full 'forensic test' of the Balance Sheet to determine the true financial health of the business.  This is critical in terms of giving us a start point and provides owners with comfort in the figures.  This is also a key point from where to start when establishing the level of funding required for the future.

We work for Dealers, Dealer Groups, Manufacturers, Finance Companies and Banks.