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In common with the Manufacturers these same problem dealers appear on Bank and Finance Company risk lists.  It is these Financial Institutions who normally carry the majority of the risk with the main concern being that they find out too late.

Do you get all the information you need about the true financial health of the business?  As a Finance Company do you only see the part of the business that is covered by your franchise affiliation?  Are you convinced that the audits carried out on the dealer's used car stock give you the right answers?  Used cars are sold 'out of trust' - sometimes by accident and sometimes for the purposes of improving cash flow.  In either event this is high risk for all concerned. 

We understand the importance of the relationship between the dealer and other stakeholders.  We make it our mission to improve those relationships by engendering a feeling of mutual trust, honesty and openness while providing the processes and financial security to remove any elements of risk.

Many people undertake work in this area but see why we are different:

  • We know what questions to ask
  • We know if the answers are credible
  • We know how to test the answers
  • We do not rely on anyone in the dealership
  • We carry out Financial reviews, Operational reviews and Turnaround
  • We have all been senior managers in the industry
  • We specialise only in the retail Automotive industry
  • Our reports are detailed and comprehensive
  • We secure management buy-in to the turnaround process